Butterflies game, handmade, repurposedHelp the butterflies back to the flowers and you win!

It’s a race from the end. In this reverse twist on a crowd of classic games all your butterflies are caught in the net. Your goal is to get everyone back into the bed of flowers, without moving your own pieces.

Gather a small or large group of friends and family to have a great time. Carelessly pick who to help, or strategically line up a flutter. Enjoy the excitement of play, and make your table fun again.

With the help of a few ladybugs, a spider’s web, and a gentle breeze, you can set butterflies free and move them along the path to safety. But be careful, some will wander out of the flowers when you least expect it.


Be one of the first to own a limited edition Handmade Repurposed game.

To start things off with Butterflies, we will be Handmaking 100 copies of the game, using only Repurposed materials. Not only will you have a fun and new game, but you will have original and thoughtful artwork in your hands, and you’ll be playing responsibly with all the resources that we’ve been given on this earth. Buy your limited edition copy here.

All the proceeds from these first 100 games will be donated to help persecuted Christians.

Our desire is to allow people who have witnessed for their Lord Jesus Christ, and have received persecution to shake off their sandals and flee to freedom. Read more about about our efforts here.

Game Directions

Start: Every player picks a color, a flutter of three butterflies. We’ll call these your color flutter.

Play: The youngest player goes first, continuing clockwise

On your turn, roll one die and move any butterfly EXCEPT your own.

To move a butterfly into play, from the net, a 1, 2, or 3 must be rolled.

Once a butterfly is on the path it can be moved with any roll of the die. Usually.

When more than one butterfly occupies a space, they move together as a flutter.

If you are moving a flutter, you must leave your own color butterfly behind.

Some spaces have special instructions that must be followed when a butterfly lands on it.

1. Ladybugs – Must move forward the amount of spaces equal to the ladybug’s dots.

2. Spider Web – Must move into the web, and stay until another player forfeits their roll and moves them out on the other side of the web.

3. Turtles – Can only be moved from this space when the number is rolled equal to that turtle’s hexagons.

If you roll a four (4) and you have a butterfly in the flowerbed, you must move it out to the Wandering Flower.

The last butterfly left on the board is the winner.

If a flutter moves into the flowerbed on the last roll of the game, then every player wins.

Note: Even if all of your butterflies are in the flowerbed, you continue to roll.